BeachBody Ultimate Reset

Hey, I’m actually using my poor neglected blog!  Figured it was the best place to review my latest health experiment.

After running my first half-marathon, I was looking for something else to do and honestly get a good break from running after training for 6 months.  I knew my diet was a hot mess so I wanted to do something drastic to get it in shape.  I crave and thrive on structure so this plan was appealing to me.  For an overview, check out the following BeachBody video:

Ok, my Overview:

The Supplements:
Mineralize: It’s Himalayan salt.  You add it to distilled water (I used my RO water since I had already paid for the filter in my house) which you will be drinking like all the time.  They recommend drinking half your body weight in oz of water per day
Optimize: Enzymes, vitamins, flavonoids, and amino acids to optimize immune response and manage inflammation.  6 pills per day
Alkalinize: alfalfa, barley, kamut, and wheat grass to help neutralize excess acid in your system.  Powder supplement you mix with 2-6 oz of water.  It’s gross…I won’t lie, but 2oz goes down like a shot and you go on with your life
Soothe: aloe vera and curcumin to enhance digestive health and reduce inflammation. 2 pills per day
Revitalize: probiotic.  6 pills per day on the last week
Detox: helps remove toxins and waste in the colon.  It really is a “gentle detox” like they say.  You take it 3X a day on week 2.  Besides being slightly gritty and insoluble, it was actually pretty tasty and filling.  In an odd way I enjoyed this one.

Week 1: Reclaim:

You’ll be drinking your water with mineralize and taking optimize 30 min before every meal and alkalinize 2 hours after lunch, adding soothe to the predinner pills.  Honestly, with the food prep and my kids nagging me to give them their food I found it nearly impossible to get the timing right.  I did my best.

Food: The first week you can still have lean animal proteins like eggs, salmon and chicken.  It helped ease into the program to have eggs for breakfast and a nice salmon dinner I could make for the family.  Already, I’m beginning to notice the ginormous pile of dishes that will be an unending fixture in my kitchen.  I was able to get a shopping list on the UR website for each week and that was ESSENTIAL.  That way I had all I needed and the recipes were pretty straight-forward.  I got plenty of food and was doing good.  Then Ryan was sick….I got no sleep….I got his tummy bug….and Thursday, aka day 4 made me want to die.  In the guide it said days 3-5 were the worst so I don’t know if the diarrhea was the program or the bug but I was hating life and the program.  I modified some breakfasts by subbing the oatmeal for most but since you are totally allowed to swap within the week it was allowed.  I pushed through and ended week 1 down 4 lbs

Week 2: Release 

Enter the detox supplement that you do with the other stuff 30 min before meals.  Like I said before I liked this one.  I was feeling great week 2. I was getting into a groove with food prep even though the book should have done a better job of forewarning of marinating times for some dishes which lead me to eat some stuff later than I intended and yet again struggle with timing. I also discovered a major mistake in a recipe which if not for the UR facebook group would have ruined my Kabocha squash.  The facebook groups were nice because if you know me, you know I’m a total FB addict so they had to deal with my PWing.  I also discovered my love for roasted beets this week too – yum!  Actually, there were so many good recipes this week.

Week 3: Restore

Here’s where you starve.  Well, not really but you’re only eating veggies at this point and you really lean on your grain snacks.  It’s also where I said to myself “next time I do a detox, it will be shorter”.  However I did lose nearly 7 lbs this week so that was pretty fab.


Weight: 13 lbs!
lost about 2 inches everywhere
I did run my lipid profile and other labs but honestly they were all really good to start with so I don’t know how much they’ll change.  I’ll do them again on Saturday if I have time and I’ll update here if there’s something to report.
I tried to take before and after pics but about a week after I started my bathroom renovation started so it was impossible to have a good comparison since my before pics were taken in the bathroom.  The lighting differences made any subtle changes hard to detect.  My clothes became noticeably looser and there were the measurements so they’ll have to suffice 😉


I loved the results!  I don’t know if I would have been able to time things as I was supposed to if it would have been better but I’m pretty proud of myself for sticking with it as much as I could.  It’s very clear that this program is ideally suited for either single people with no kids or couples doing the program together.  As a mom to 2 young kids it was a challenge.  The kids didn’t want to eat the veggies and my husband, being a diabetic, couldn’t do something with that kind of drastic dietary change (plus he’s a picky eater).  I shared stuff with my kids (especially my breakfasts of berries because Ryan wouldn’t stop mooching off me) so they got exposure to stuff they probably wouldn’t have otherwise.  I think it’s really changed my point of view on portions.  I CAN have less (or no) meat.  I WILL eat more veggies. Now I have a book of great, healthy recipes.  Sure there were duds in there but I won’t make those again.  I’d say 70% of them I will make again, if only as side dishes.  I have also developed a habit of healthy salads for lunch.  There are 3 great healthy salad dressing recipes to use on them.  I also realized that all the cooking and dishes didn’t kill me and I don’t need to eat out as much as we do.  Now that I’m done, I will admit that my breakfasts returned to normal – bowl of Kashi go lean, cup of light vanilla soymilk, and cup of coffee.  Sorry, but I need all that stuff!  I’m still off alcohol for Lent but no promises after that.  I do realize (and have for a while) that when I drink my diet goes down the toilet so I need to be mindful of that when I add back my wine.  I had a Lean Cuisine at work last night and was blown away by the saltiness.  I knew they were high in sodium but it never bothered me before.  I may have to go back to making my dinners – it can only be good for me and if I make enough extra I know my family will eat healthy in my absence.

ok, the price point – $200…..Yes, it’s a lot.  But if like me your diet is absolute crap (full of overprocessed “food”, added sugars, and carb overload) you can really benefit from the reset.  Also now I have a whole book of great, healthy recipes.  And it’s kind of silly but when you spend that much on a program you are more likely to stick with it.  I tried to do Herbalife since it was much cheaper a few months ago but I was bad at sticking with it (besides being freaking hungry).  This is NOT  a starvation diet and that also helps with the ability to stick with it and actually LEARN how to eat differently and be able to continue to do so in a way you can maintain.  I’ll update this blog again in a month and let you know if I was able to maintain the results because that’s what’s really important!


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