Once we got all the furniture moved in, we just had to touch up the paint, put up pictures, valences and a wall decal and Jason’s room was done!

Nothing much else happened in January until the end when we decided it was time to potty train Jason.  A lot of my friends have had success with the 3-day-potty training method so we decided to give that a try.  So on Saturday, January 28th, we changed Jason out of his very last diaper and put on his first pair of undies.  We cranked up the heat and declared it “no pants day” since part of the method requires the kid to be in only undies.  After saying “Jason pants?” for about an hour or so, Jason got used to the idea and we pushed the juice and waited.  We kept the potty nearby so when he started to go we’d move him to the potty to help him get the idea that that’s where the pee is supposed to go.  We had him sitting on a lot of towels during the day to keep him from peeing on everything.  We had a lot of accidents that first day but we did get one pee in the potty so that was encouraging.  We put him in a pull-up for his nap and at night.

The next day went much better with about half the pees in the potty and half in the undies.  By the third day, we were most of the pees in the potty.  Pooping was still a challenge with it mostly starting in the undies and if we’re lucky, he’ll finish in the potty.  Not really sure how to coach him to poop on the potty.  On Tuesday, we finally ventured out of the house and he did great at MyGym in his undies and even made it though his nap dry.  We had a bit of a set-back during choir rehearsal on Wednesday with a couple accidents and not much luck with the potty.  So on Friday, I brought his potty with us to Tot’s Day In and he did a lot better with using the potty.  I think he was just a bit intimidated by the small but still quite different potties at church.  It took about a week for him to get comfortable with them.  We also had to get him a potty ring to use when we had to use a public potty.  The fold-up ones were not stable enough for him so we had to get one that was a bit bigger than I would like portability-wise but as long as he’ll use it, I’m happy.  I was very pleasantly surprised at how well he potty-trained and we only have him in pull-ups at night and he probably wakes up dry about half the time.  I’m so proud of my big boy!


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    Once we got all the furniture moved in, we just had to touch up the paint, put up pictures, valences and a wall decal and Jason’s room was done! Nothing much else happened in January until the end when we decided it was time to potty train Jason.  A lot of my friends have had […]
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