wow, I’m so sorry if you actually follow my blog or at least would want to.  I must have forgotten I had one or something….

Anyway, I’ll try to remember what’s happened in the past few months 😉

On November 2nd, Jason turned 2.  We didn’t have a party or anything because he’s still probably too young to notice – maybe next year.  I made a “2” out of a label and stuck it to the tie on his tie shirt and voila!  we have a special “I’m 2” shirt to wear.  I brought (not nearly enough) cupcakes to choir rehearsal and had everyone sing happy birthday to him and let him blow out a candle with the number “2” on it.  Then I had the brilliant idea of letting him lick the frosting off the candle.  Yeah, that would be a mom fail, he bit it and I had to fish the wax out of his mouth in front of the whole choir.  Other than that, I think he had a pretty good birthday.

On a nice day, we decided to rake up some leaves and let Jason have a good old time.  He liked jumping in them, but he really liked being thrown into them and pushed into them while driving his car.  In one of the pictures you can see my belly…I’m about 18 weeks along here..


We had our anatomy scan right before Thanksgiving and found out we are having another boy.  Jason was really well behaved during the ultrasound and we told him “there’s  your little brother”  He pointed to the little screen the tech was using and said “little brother” then pointed to the big screen we were watching and said “big brother”.  He says “baby” when he sees the ultrasound pictures too but I’m still not sure how much he understands.

We had Thanksgiving dinner with the Chastains and I was bringing my chocolate chip cookies so I decided to announce the gender as follows:

Lately, his favorite pastime has been watching videos of funny kitties on YouTube.  It’s pretty much part of our morning routine at this point.  Have breakfast, watch kitties, continue with our day.  At least it gives me time to get my computer stuff done (unfortunately, that doesn’t include keeping up with my blog, but I digress…).

Jason got his first Christmas present from his Grandma and Grandpa Bender and we decided to go ahead and let him have it now.  We put the chairs in a row and Jason started sorting his duplos according to color…he’s so smart!  We won’t keep it there, but he seemed to like watching the game from his very own seat 🙂

Dan took Jason to Hanging of the Greens at church (I had to work).  He looks like he had a good time eating and taking part in putting the nativity scene together.


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